The 10 Worst Malls in Georgia

By on July 10, 2014
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Today we asked our 170,000 Twitter followers, ‘What’s the worst mall in Georgia?’ and most of them replied with these malls. So we compiled a list of malls you MUST avoid at all cost. If you’re visiting Georgia and someone suggest you go to one of these malls listed….never trust that person again.


1. Statesboro Mall, Statesboro, GA

We had to put Statesboro Mall as the worst mall simply because we can’t even find a picture on Google of this mall. Better known as “The Small”, this mall’s small selection makes it the absolute worse mall in Georgia.


2. West End Mall, Atlanta, GA

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.48.51 AM

If you’re from Atlanta you knew before you read this page that this mall would be mentioned. Horrible mall that takes literally 5 minutes to make a lap around. We’ve even witnessed two girls execute a live ‘weave transaction’ in the parking lot as if it were contraband.


3. Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta, GA


This mall is hanging on by a thread.


4. Gwinnett Place Mall, Duluth, GA


Does it not look like death out there?


5. South DeKalb Mall, Decatur, GA


Unless you are looking for sneakers, or going to Macys, please keep riding. This mall has nothing going for it, hood fabulous. 


6. Georgia Square, Athens, GA

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.04.19 PM

I mean, do you really expect there to be an extravagant mall in Athens? Most people rather shop in downtown Athens.


7. Peachtree Mall, Columbus, GA

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.54.48 AM

“It’s your typical mall. It’s where we all hang out. It’s been there all our lives. It’s old, got the same old same stores and it’s nothing impressive. But it’s a teen hangout since it’s the only mall around.” – Gregory M. 


8. Southlake, Morrow, GA


Need new shoes? Come here. If not, keep driving. This mall used to be a pretty cool mall 5-10 years ago but the ‘coolness’ has declined drastically. Why are there two ‘Lids’ stores?


9. Valdosta Mall

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.51.33 AM

This mall should be thanking Chick-Fila because that’s the only place that’s actually worth going to.


10. Milledgeville Mall, Milledgeville, GA


The Milledgeville Mall, formally Hatcher Square Mall, is about the deadest mall I’ve ever seen. Seriously, you might find 25 people in the whole mall on a Saturday at noon.


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    • Drew

      This is a stupid article. I googled Statesboro Mall and click on images… the second image was a picture of the main entrance of the mall. You have to be a complete idiot if you did not see the second image in a google search.

      The Statesboro Mall isnt great per se, but it has a lot more than most of the smaller malls have. Did you check out the Dublin Mall? Waycross Mall? Albany Mall? Jesus.. the Albany Mall is the worst mall in all of creation.

    • Rhoyal

      Most of these malls on the list are black owned. I smell racism

    • Rene

      You suck at writing kid. Go learn some grammar. You write like a 5th grader.

    • Webber87

      Albany, Tifton and Brunswick Malls. That’s the easiest #1, #2 and #3.

    • paul

      He should have just said “Don’t go to black people malls”

    • Shereen Deemer

      How is North DeKalb mall not on there? That place has been sliding for years. Even Old Navy went out there. I think the movie theater and Macy’s are the only reasons that place is clinging to life.

    • jpowers55

      Malls in general suck. I used to love going ten or fifteen years ago especially during the holiday season but now you couldn’t pay me to go for more than ten minutes.

    • Jody Kelley

      Wrong Mall of Georgia is the worst mall in Georgia. That place is a complete waste. They should wipe it out and everything around and put the trees back

    • Sir Sev

      I go to school in Valdosta, everyone’s there. That’s the day time spot.

    • Doitto’em Johnni

      This dude really can’t be from Atlanta, and if he’s not from Atlanta he has no right to say anything about any mall in Atlanta……..four out of the six mall he named are in the Atlanta except southlake & south Dekalb its on the southside & eastside…..but still an ok malls…..greenbrier, south dekalb, and westend mall are all shoe malls anyone living in Atlanta would know that… can go to anyone of these small malls and grab some exclusive shoes…….one thing i could say is they are just a little on the hood side…..seems to me thats the point he’s tryna make…….because he didn’t say anything about peachtree mall on peachtree street are the underground…..but it’s safe to say he’s not from atlanta

    • Des

      Albany Mall should replace Peachtree Mall in Columbus

    • Melissa Brooke Warren

      Ummm I disagree with Valdosta Mall, and the only reason why I say that is because have you ever been to Glynn Place Mall, Brunswick, GA? This mall sucks! Very surprised is wasn’t listed on here!

    • EldrinSMP

      You really didn’t try too hard to find a picture of the Statesboro Mall… A Google Image search comes up with a few.

    • Jim

      The Walnut Square Mall in Dalton should definitely be included. Too many empty stores.

    • Vice-President Dink Cheney

      Also, every caption has at least one mistake. Dude, you don’t know the difference between “formerly” and “formally?” Check and see if your mom zipped up your pants.

    • Vice-President Dink Cheney

      Sounds like a hairdresser gossiping to old ladies. Yawn. No reason to take THIS blog seriously.

    • Mr.D

      Shannon Mall should be on this list

    • Sevarai

      I stopped reading after the first one because you sound like an idiot.

    • Baseball mom

      Obviously you haven’t visited Lagrange Mall. Takes 3 minutes to walk around and only has one Chinese food stand in the “food court”. ” Ummmm, Chinese for lunch or Chinese or maybe I’ll try the Chinese for a change”
      Oh wait, they just opened a TJ MAX. AT LEAST THERES SOMEWHERE RO SPEND MORE THAN 3 mins now. Yayyyyy

    • Wyte Cutthroat ComitteedaGener

      Lagrange mall sucks

    • Cnash

      Ever seen the Tifton “mall” it’s called the Hall for a reason… Crappiest mall ever.

    • Jessica Flanigan

      I remember going to North Dekalb as a kid and wondering where all the people were at. It’s in a pretty good area though so I guess that’s why it didn’t make the list.

    • Newsproducer

      Valdosta mall isn’t a looker, but… Your number one should be Albany Mall.. Do research before trying to be a writer man

    • shopgirl

      Not sure about the other malls, but I go to the one in Milledgeville quite frequently and his comment about there being 25 people in the whole mall on a Saturday at noon is totally incorrect, complete exaggeration. It is a small mall and doesn’t offer a whole lot of stores, but it’s really not that bad.

    • zombotdotcom

      Savannah mall: rent so high that even the DISNEY store left. Last time I was there, there were more empty stores than functioning ones, and somehow local vendors would still throw their life savings into an overpriced spot. The auntie Anne’s pretzel place left and became a super sketchy bakery called ‘Dat’s Cake!’ For instance.

      • zombotdotcom

        -and yet the Oglethorpe mall- one story and built 30 years earlier- is still fun to shop, laid out well and thriving. If not for target and outdoor world, savannah mall would be gone by now

    • 1 Cor 14:38

      Greenbrier and West End are the most ratchet malls ever…

    • RDU06

      English & grammar. When you can manage those, I’ll consider liking your page and reading your posts again.

    • JohnGalt

      location, location, location

    • P. Nile Schwartz

      there’s a mall in Brunswick, it’s attached to the Crown Plaza, and it’s pretty bad. The Crown Plaza’s pretty good though, a nice place to stay if exploring Jekyll and St. Simons.

    • Christina Barrentine

      I don’t understand why Valdosta Mall is on this list.I mean it has a lot of the latest trendy stores,an arcade and is usually packed as hell.Looks a lot better since the remodeling job too.

    • melli1988

      Forgot stonecress

      • pinkie

        I was wondering if anyone was going to throw that one out there. It needs to be on there.

    • Duhhh

      The mall in Lagrange sucks way more than the mall in Columbus. I demand a recount.

    • Tonya

      Don’t forget Stone Crest…. Hate that damn mall…

      • pinkie

        It went down hill really fast.

    • caronparis

      Milledgeville Mall? At least it’s clean and safe. I would have chosen Macon Mall over this one, hands down

    • Derrick Lunitik Harper

      Horrible Article. Dublin Mall should be number 1

    • Edric Floyd

      Ie: Statesboro Mall.

      You couldn’t find images on Google? Why are you needing to find images on Google? Does this mean you weren’t AT Statesboro mall so you could take a photo of your own and you would actually KNOW what the hell you are talking about?

      This is proving to be a waste of cyber space and not worth sharing a link to this subjective and culturally biased bullshit.

    • Charles David Smith

      How about Albany Mall and Tifton Mall should be on the list!!!!

    • eatAdick

      If your in Georgia and your talking bad about Georgia malls ? WTF LIKE I SAID LMAO EAT A DICK #ATLHOE

    • Natalie T

      Galleria Mall in Centerville/Warner Robins didn’t make the list and Valdosta did? Really?

    • eatAdick

      Fuck wateva mall you go to nigga ! #nawfside atl #Gwinnettplacemall . Fukk u talkin bout boi

    • eatAdick

      Fuck wateva mall you go to nigga ! #nawfside atl #Gwinnettplacemall . Full u talkin bout boi

    • DBill

      Damn … the top 6 were my stomping grounds. The Small was terrible though. You could literally stand in one spot and see everybody in it. lol

    • disappointedShopper

      You forgot Northlake mall and south dekalb lol

    • eli

      Forgot venture mall right now the road from gwinnett place mall. That place is fucking awful.

    • Charlette Harper

      Oh yeah and underground Atlanta…you may need a bullet proof vest to shop there

    • Charlette Harper

      West End is just terrible. Only thing you can get there is shoes, 100 socks for 5.00, weave, and incense lol

    • AJ

      South dekalb mall isn’t that bad especially compared to north dekalb mall you say hood but I see average people there all the time including me

    • Kandace

      Wow, I’m impressed that Dublin Mall in Dublin, Ga beat all of these malls…

    • Cynthia Perry Crawford

      Been saying this for years. I haven’t been to the Valdosta Mall in ages because THERE IS NOTHING THERE. It has only gotten worse over time.

    • Soshii

      Trust me, lived in both Macon and Athens and Macon Mall should have been #1

    • Soshii

      You definitely missed Macon Mall!

    • Andre’ MindYoBusiness

      LMAOOOO, Gwinnett Place Mall is just about sad as hell. It’s always a snooze. The only thing keeping that mall alive is their anchors: JcPenney’s, Sears, and Macy’s. Mainly Macy’s. Everything is a FLOP.

    • Jonathan Powell


    • Hailee Novum

      Valdosta ROCKS what do you mean?! and peachtree isnt that bad either.

    • travisw

      North Dekalb Mall

    • travisw

      Northlake Mall

    • Milledgeville-theblackholeofGA

      The Milledgeville Mall is also known as “The Small.” Just sayin’

    • Caprice T.

      Shoot yall need to put Macon Mall on here…the absolute worst mall!

    • SusanS4

      Wow! Statesboro Mall is a pretty nice little mall for a small town. Funny that YOU couldn’t find a picture…not that you should EVER judge a book by its cover. I found one.

    • keptnew

      What about savannah mall? In savannah ga. If it wasnt for target there wouldnt be a mall..

      • Hugh Jorgan

        And Bass Pro.

    • danicook

      The Valdosta mall is on the smaller side but at least is it clean, well landscaped and is not full of empty storefronts.

    • Darnell

      conyers mall. u know. one wit da cici’s

    • Heather

      You forgot Lakeshore mall in Gainesville

    • shawn

      Peachtree ain’t that bad. And it ain’t the only mall we got 2 lol. The third one closed down. …

      • Kina

        I agree. But he would know that since he travels.

    • Karen Elaine Hagan

      I remember when gwinnett place was the mall. And you forgot northlake mall…just awful

    • Carlos Delfino

      Northlake mall is way worse than Gwinnett Place

    • betahuman

      Jeremy Jones is a pretentious prick.

    • dreburch

      Is Avondale Mall still open… thought for sure that would be on the list

      • Jessica Flanigan

        They tore that down and made it into a Wal-Mart! Lol.

    • Lochsharkie

      “Why is there two lids stores”? Why is you not know no good grammers?

    • Takun

      Forgot North Lake Mall and North DeKalb Mall.

    • Michelle’

      What about the mall in LaGrange,Ga? Seriously the WORST mall EVER!

    • @SirJoeyTheDon

      Definitely forgot about the Savannah Mall

    • Lilly

      What about the ever tiny Tifton Mall??

    • havatgilad

      “Why is there two Lids stores?” Really? Proofreading wouldn’t kill you.

    • Joyce Gotell

      Milledgeville Mall has never been what it could have been,long before Central State Hospital closed,this could have been a great Mall with all the Georgia College Students!!!!

    • Brent Johnson

      Live in Milledgeville… go to this mall about 3 or 4 times a year (usually don’t even buy anything). Better just to drive to Macon… not to there mall there either.

    • Burt Dingman

      The common denominator with all these malls rhymes with “black”. Go figure.

      • Demetrius Quintez Maynard

        You’re an Idiot!!!! A few of those malls are around a mixed amount of people not just Blacks Dumbass!!!!

        • Burt Dingman

          Awful hostile there, Demetrius Quintez. They didn’t carry your brand of shoes at the ATL GEAR store at Southlake?

      • danicook

        Obviously you have not been to the Valdosta mall, then. It is a nice mixed crowd, many whites…not that it matters.

    • CML

      This is the Statesboro Mall.

    • Jamie

      The mall in Waycross, GA is way worse than the Valdosta mall!

    • Gene O’Brien

      Worst article ever. It gives no reason as to why most of the malls are on the list. Many of them it’s only because they are small? That’s ridiculous. A small mall is better than none.

      • Burt Dingman

        The reason is there to those people who have been to any of them and don’t have their heads in the sand.

        • Daniel

          So, the article isn’t intended to convey information to people who haven’t already been to the malls on the list? It’s just preaching to the choir? And we all agree on what makes a mall suck? I wasted my click.

          • Burt Dingman

            Yes you did. You’ll know better next time.

            • betahuman

              Dingman is a dickhole.

              • Stan Lee

                Yes he is. He’ll know better next time. LOLZ

      • Cathi

        It’s all just based on the writers personal opinion. What qualifies the writer as an expert? I totally agree with your statement .



    • Kenny

      Really Savannah Mall didn’t make the list? Wow… Need a recount!

      • Lauren

        That’s what I was thinking!!! People go to that mall primarily for it’s Sparro in the food court.

      • Alexia Williams

        I swear! That shouldve been #1

      • MizzKush

        Say that again. ..that is a waste of space!

    • Chris Veal

      Milledgeville mall should be number 1….. its insane how empty that mall is.

    • khall

      Lol.. I hate south dekalb mall im a exit dwn and go all the way to Kennesaw to towncenter to do my shopping. Hate to say it but most malls in predominantly blk areas in atl are Terrible!!

    • Brett Bear

      The person who wrote this article clearly has no idea how to use Google image search. First page, images 2,3,4, and 5 are all Statesboro Mall. Try harder next time.

    • GeorgiaGirl

      and what do all these malls have in common???

      • Burt Dingman


        • shay85031

          So racist. …smh grow up

          • stan lee

            He isn’t racist.. he is a white asshole.. there are a big difference.

            • shay85031

              Sounds racist to me, and I don’t need your opinion.

        • Hmm…

          Cute. Real cute.

        • Wack Rapper Clone Archive

          aww, u aint right. sayin Blacks includes all African Americans and that aint accurate

    • Just Wondering

      The selection criteria is what? Any facts to back up the selection process?

    • Beth Anne

      You forgot the Rome, Ga Mall…if Athens is on there it should be too!

      • shortfuse71

        All the malls in North Georgia have gone to the crapper! Nobody has the money to purchase anything there so the good businesses leave. What is left is some store run by a foreigner that sells the kind of crap you see at the flea market or a convenience store. Chattanooga Tennessee’s Hamilton Place is still somewhat decent but a lot of the good stores have left.

    • EJ Douglas

      Tifton Mall should be on there! If it even still exists! Awful

      • Daniel English

        Exactly the Tifton mall is worse than any of those listed.

        • EJ Douglas

          It should be number 1 on the list! When I moved from Tifton, the most exciting thing there was the military recruiters! Lol And the speed walkers! Haha!

          • Guest

            I am sorry I couldn’t hear you over your self loathing gay whining. So piss off bitch!

          • Daniel English

            Forgive me for my comment I was dealing with an Internet troll problem and accidentally hit reply to your comment. So I apologize.

            • EJ Douglas

              I was wondering….. never ceases to amaze how some people have nothing better to do than Troll. Especially since it was MY original comment. Squish away!

              • Daniel

                Yeah this one really needs to get a life. The only reason he commented is because I’ve commented somewhere else and pissed him off. It shows no life whatsoever and he decided to run his mouth on here knowing no one was speaking to him.

                • EJ Douglas

                  I saw that. Totally unprovoked Trolling on his behalf. His mama evidently didn’t teach him any manners!

                  • Edric Floyd

                    My mama taught me plenty manners thank you. Now leave her out of this!

                    She also taught me never to take any shit from anyone and Daniel dished a lot of it In The past. I get to return the favor.

                    I’ve done that. I’m done.

                    • EJ Douglas

                      Then do me a favor and GET OFF MY POST. If you have a problem with Daniel take it up with him elsewhere. This thread had NOTHING to do with you or your bitching until YOU started TROLLING IT. Be GONE.

                      • Edric Floyd

                        You and Daniel can go fuck yourselves or each other. I don’t care! But don’t start acting like you own a thread like its real estate you paid for. Get a grip.


                      • EJ Douglas

                        I don’t even know Daniel. But of the two of you HE has acted like a gentleman and you have acted like a douche! And I did start this part of the thread and don’t appreciate you trying to solve your personal vendetta in it. Grow up. I have teenage kids that act more mature than you.

        • Edric Floyd

          OH look at what asshole from Tifton chimed in

          • Daniel English

            I am sorry I couldn’t hear you over your self loathing gay whining. If you don’t have something relevant to add to the conversation then put the shut to the up! You middle aged sorry excuse for a gay man!

            • Edric Floyd

              You still sound like a dumbass from Tifton pretending to sound intelligent and making an ass of yourself.

              Nothing’s changed.

          • Daniel English

            And it is sad that all you have to do is troll comments in articles. It only proves that you have no life at all. Try going to find yourself a man or getting laid or something. You know what normal people do when they are sexually repressed as you!

            • Edric Floyd

              How would your crazy ass know anything about what normal people do?

              Can’t be like your average day trolling people who don’t cater to YOUR OPINIONS OR POLITICS oft spending all day changing profile photos and posting somebody else’s pictures of boy toy asses you’ll never find in YOUR bed.

              • Daniel

                Considering you started with me I think that really says you are the troll here. And I don’t give a damn what your opinions are. If you had kept that trap of your shut and left me alone nothing would have been said about you. What it proves to me is that you have a stalker quality to you. And I have no issue calling the Warner Robins police about you. So leave me the hell alone or I’ll make sure you are well known in your hometown for being the unbalanced big mouth that you are.

                • Edric Floyd

                  It hilarious how much of a dumb ass you really are. Have you forgotten our last interaction on Facebook where you hurled inflammatory insults at me then blocked me like the cowardly bitch that you are?

                  Well think about it. What you think about reporting me to Warner Robins police (as if I actually live in WR) also think about the possibility of your past insulting comments having been saved and how they could come back to haunt you.

                  Don’t you dare issue threats to me. You don’t know how wrong you are and how much of an ass you can make to yourself trying to make me look bad. Not to mention how little I care what is known about me because I have more than enough good to back it up and another unbalance loser tried to blast me and it baclfired.

                  So quit dreaming. I’ll be more than happy leaving you alone. Just don respond from this point further and forever ignore my posts. You don’t get the last word! Say anything. Else and I will say whatever the fuck I want, as much as I want and If necessary as loud as I want.

                  • Daniel

                    Darling has it ever occurred to you that people don’t care what you think? I still think you are a very self-loathing middle aged gay man. And what you’ve proven to me time and again is that you are. Your only real power comes from his pathetic little posts online. If you had any real substance to you then you wouldn’t need to make yourself seem so important. Because you aren’t that important. And all of this just proves to me how very right I was about you. You are like a little dog snapping his jaws because that is all he has the power to do. The problem with little dogs that snap their jaws. They never see those who are usually silent rip them apart. So I am not going to respond to you from this point. Because you are honestly not worth it.

                    Also I know you don’t have anything on me to use. Because you don’t know me. Secondly those who make threats usually don’t follow through with them. If this is what it takes to get you through your pathetic little life go ahead insult me. Do your worst because those who are usually talked about the most are those who are living their lives as they should. No one is afraid of you. No one cares what you think. And at the end of the day no one simply cares. When you are dead and gone I’ll still be living my life just as happy as I’ve been doing before. You are inconsequential if you didn’t grasp the subtext.

                    • Edric Floyd

                      Go fuck yourself!

                    • Edric Floyd

                      This from a discus user who turned his profile private AFTER I discovered his pathetic ass online here. And changed his name DANIEL ENGLISH!

                      He offers some lame ass sermon trying to tell me off and pretty much everything that DANIEL ENGLISH bitch from Tifton said would just as easily be himself talking into the mirror. He thinks he told me off and all he did was sit hiding behind his keyboard with a FAKE photo and using all the privacy settings he can to talk shit and think that is all that needs to be said.

                      Folks reading this, the reason I trolled DANIEL ENGLISH is because when I saw that name and face many things came back into mind and pissed me off. If i saw DANIEL ENGLISH in person and he was in some sort of peril (like a car accident) I would run away and not help. He isn’t worth saving. If he were on fire I wouldn’t throw water.

                      His attacks toward me online are the result of his disapproval of my opinions on some issues and with that he thinks its cool to call me “self loathing” and even called me an “uncle tom”. Easy words from a pathetic little FAGGOT from Tifton who hasn’t done anything more for his LGBT community than run his mouth saying vile and inflammatory things on social media posts. Never offering any sort of intelligent conversation or ideas. Just type out some word bomb then retreat and hide behind his private profile.

                      DANIEL ENGLISH aint shit! that is the honest truth. It is DANIEL ENGLISH that is inconsequential and the only subtext I managed to grasp is that DANIEL ENGLISH IS A BLITHERING IDIOT.

                      and like a recent post in response to his so-called tirade…he can go FUCK HIMSELF.

                      • EJ Douglas

                        And NOBODY CARES. GO AWAY!

                      • Edric Floyd

                        EJ Douglas nobody asked if anybody cared or not so shut up

                      • EJ Douglas

                        And this would be why you got blocked on Faceboo by Daniel. If I could block you on here I would. You have made a mountain out of a mole hill, are verbally abusive, antagonistic, and an all around jerk. Go away and quit posting so that my email will quit chiming to tell me that you have once again felt the need to annoy me with your presence.

                      • Edric Floyd

                        You can solve the email thing by stopping notifications on discus.

                        But all that you said about me is exactly what Daniel started against me on Facebook and I have to chance now to throw it back in his face. If that makes me a jerk then so be it.

                        It’s bothering Daniel. Look at him he changed his discus profile and comes up with these pathetic responses. He is the mountain out of the molehill and running scared.

                        EJ nobody is forcing you to read this and I’m not taking issue with you. So get over yourself.

                        I will however do whatever I can to irritate DANIEL ENGLISH, member is St. Anne’s church.

                        Perhaps if they knew what I know LOL

                      • EJ Douglas

                        I shouldn’t have to change my settings because you can’t or won’t act like a grown up. STOP MESSAGING ME. AND FIND SOME PLACE ELSE TO HARASS DANIEL. You are being childish and it’s getting OLD.

                      • Edric Floyd

                        Then just ignore me and stop responding when I post.

                        I will stop when I am good and goddamn ready. NOT UPON YOUR DEMANDS.

                        And the more you respond the more I will comment. That’s how it works.

                        And as long at that pathetic Daniel has given up then I will move ablong.

                      • Daniel

                        Only a self-loathing gay man would refer to someone as faggot. Also you really need to grow up. What you’ve proven yet again is that you are honestly unbalanced. No one cares! As EJ Douglas keeps saying, “Go away!” And you don’t know what I have or haven’t done for the LGBT community. In fact I’ve had Lambda Legal help me before to combat homophobia. Just so you know! But you are a yapping mongrel who doesn’t know when to shut the hell up!

                      • Edric Floyd

                        For someone who claims that nobody cares that I say DANIEL ENGLISH sure has a lot of response to it.

                        As for what DANIEL ENGLISH claims to have done for the gay community he forgets to mention the uninvited pornographic images he shares with some unsuspecting individuals and the occasional begging to intrude on the lives of some gay couples lives in his despairate attempts to find a way to move out of his small town.

                      • Daniel

                        And honey lets call all of this temper tantrum of yours what it tends to be “attention seeking”! You are a middle aged gay man act like it!

                      • Daniel

                        Also Uncle Tom! If the shoe fits wear it! It bothers you so much because it is true and you know it.

          • Daniel

            Next time take your lard guzzling limp dicked butterball trout mouthed ass somewhere else than the Internet to speak your mind.

            • Edric Floyd

              I will comment wherever te fuck I want you lonely pathetic fag of Tifton. And if you don’t like seeing my posts just run away and use your block buttons like a cowardly little bitch.

              • Daniel

                Yeah blah blah blah! God you need a life. You are what pushing 50 now? And the only way you can attack people is online! Also dear I am educated. Educated enough to know when to leave people alone. Maybe you need to learn how to do that before one day you experience consequences more severe.

                • Edric Floyd

                  F U

      • Artistoo79

        Uh…. Tifton “Mall” doesn’t qualify as a mall – it is a hall of stores therefore we call it Tifton Hall. However, it is much better than the days when Roses was the anchor store some twenty years ago.

      • Charles David Smith

        I don’t consider Tifton Mall a Mall!!!

    • amyers

      Let’s talk about The Galleria… yeah

    • ATLien

      basically every mall except for lenox or phipps is my answer.

    • Dalejrfan

      Apparently you don’t know how to use Google because I found tons of pics of the Statesboro mall on there and it is a lot nicer than some of the ones you have on here.

      • Jonathan Powell

        lol hell no it’s not i live here and that mall sucks dick bottie ass!

      • Edric Floyd

        He knows how to use google. Because the photo of Georgia square is so old and he must not know that Picadilly closed 3 years ago and that sign was long ago removed.

    • Christina

      Worst mall ever…Darien Outlet Mall

      • Webber87

        Bad Outlet Malls? Have you ever been to Adel, Douglas or Moultrie(Old theater)?

    • Drew

      What about Underground Atlanta? Surely that needs to be #1

      • ColbyClinton

        yu trippin underground is the shit

        • stan lee

          Yup underground atlanta is the shit… really they are shit!

    • GWSTB

      The Valdosta Mall isn’t that bad. I came from Dublin, and it’s a goldmine by comparison.

      Also, Macon Mall should definitely be on this list. It’s ghetto fabulous.

      • gahoney

        I agree about macon mall

      • T-ville Native

        Do not really get the dissing of the Valdosta Mall. Compared to what? Lenox Square? A solid little mall in the middle of south Georgia, no it will not compare to 5th Avenue in Manhattan or glamorous malls in LA or Dallas or Houston, but it does not pretend to be that. Other than the metro Atlanta malls that probably should be included in any worst malls list (which by the way leaves off the poster child Macon Mall, R.I.P.) the rest seem to be condemned because people from Atlanta and other areas do not travel there to shop. Oh, wait. People from Atlanta do shop at the Valdosta Mall on their way to Florida…

      • Webber87

        Every store front is rented which wasn’t all ways the case. Their doing something right.

    • Their Grandma

      Statesboro is an absolute joke. Belk spent a ton of money to expand and renovate for a mall that have never been 100% occupied in the 15 years I’ve lived here. The entire “city” is becoming nothing more than a place for GSU students. NO family housing is being built, can’t get a Target because of WalMarts threats, but we’re getting a second WalMart. NO Publix, NO Kroger. Someone please bring large bulldozers and put this place out of our misery. 9 more months and you can color us retired and GONE.

      • Statesborolove

        I live in Woodlawn Terrace across from GSU Botanical Gardens and there are NO students that live in this neighborhood. The 2nd walmart will be grocery only and very upscale. Yes, we are getting another grocery store off the bypass behind Franklin Chevrolet. The reason Target will not come is due to Economic Development which should increase if we can recruit more students. The ‘city’ is growing and looking prettier each year. Nothing happens over night. There are several restaurants and boutiques for professionals and families such as South and Vine, Chops, and 40 East. Students aim towards Wild Wings, Locos, Millhouse and the small. Stop being negative or move. This town is just beautiful !!!!

        • Their Grandma

          Another poor deluded soul from Statesboro. Walmart neighborhood is not upscale, it’s a smaller version of WalMart, just not the household and non food stuff. Statesboro is not nearly as pretty as it was 35 years ago when we moved here. The trees are gone, there are apartment complexes on every other corner. As for restaurants, it’s a revolving door, how many restaurants have opened and closed in the past 30 years? Like I said, 9 months and we will bid Stateboro farewell and good riddance.

      • Jabo

        Mr. Jones as impressed as we all are by your extensive bio that says you like to travel, business meetings and have been in some movies……. Have you even stepped foot in the Statesboro Mall? Doubtful with all your business meetings you love to sit in on. Statesboro is a true gem and the mall may be small but it’s doing a great service to our little community with its limited space. Maybe you could have a business meeting about building something bigger or possibly have them film one of your many movies there? And Grandma really?! We have many new subdivisions around our beautiful town specifically building for families. Some with such great demand the builders can’t build them fast enough. Obviously grandma you’re not getting out enough or you’d know about the new grocers coming in several locations. Take some pride in your town of 15 years!

        • Their Grandma

          There is a difference between subdivisions and affordable family housing. Where are the apartments for newlyweds? There aren’t any. Have you been to the “new” markets? We live in Augusta before moving here, we drove through Statesboro several times a month on our way to Savannah. It is NOTHING like it was then. If it wasn’t for my hubby’s job, we wouldn’t be here.

      • betahuman

        Calm down Grandma. Have a quaalude, some Metamucil & keep it moving.

      • Melissa Cross

        Yes,in a way Statesboro does suck a**. If you’re not a college student you’re pretty much s**t out of luck. Everything in Statesboro is about GSU. Hello? What about everyday working people? Yeah,we’re just left out completely.

        • Their Grandma

          Exactly! Statesboro wants so badly to be what it will never be, a big city.

      • Edric Floyd

        Statesboro is doing the best they can and not bad at that for a town of its size and region. They are working hard at making things comfortable there. If you don’t like Statesboro it’s fairly easy to reach I-16 and leave.

    • Paigiet25

      Uh, Glynn Place Mall in Brunswick should be on here WAY ahead of Columbus and a couple others.

      • KayV

        Yes!! BWK mall is an absolute joke. Should be #2 to the “small”!

      • jtowngirlie

        Absolutely! It was awesome when I was growing up there, like 20-25 years ago. Now it is worse each time I go home to visit. The one said Chick-fil-a was keeping the mall going…even chick-fil-a bailed on the glynn place mall! lol

    • Kim Morgan

      What about North DeKalb?

      • Tony

        I was thinking the same thing lmao that mall is DEAD

      • shay85031

        OMG!! YES lol North dekalb mall should be on the list. ..

      • Wack Rapper Clone Archive

        Movie theatre is saving N. Dekalb

      • Melissa White

        North DeKalb Mall has been sold; the property is going to become one of those “multipurpose” developments.

    • maconite

      You forgot Macon Mall

      • Joyce Gotell

        Is the Macon Mall Still open???Thought they closed years ago!!!!

        • gahoney

          still there but awful looks like gangs hang out there

      • Edric Floyd

        Even those who live in macon would like to forget Macon Mall to be honest.

        But for it to be forgotten for this “article” along with the claim that the writer couldn’t find images of Statesboro Mall on Google only goes to prove the laziness in this online publication. And not to be taken seriously.

      • Magicsmurf

        The reason he could not find Statesboro mall is because it is not really a mall. It just claims to be one. It truly is horrible. When people prefer to shop in Kmart vs the mall you know it is bad. And the local Wal-Mart is physically bigger than the entire “mall”

    • Rosey

      To say I’m not trustworthy just because I suggest Valdosta Mall is ridiculous. Its not that bad believe me I have seen worse.

    • Katy

      You forgot Lagrange Mall.

      • Melissa White

        I was thinking about the Lagrange Mall when I read’s awesomely awful.